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  • Canna Lily- Musafolia, Large Includes 1 Tuber

    $15.00 $5.00

    Planting instructions are included with tubers.

    Package includes 1 Musafolia Canna Bulbs, arriving in a burlap bag.

    These large sized bulbs are truly exceptional! They are robust and hearty and amazing reproducers. Coming in various sizes - they are approximately 2" in diameter by 5-8" long.

    Plant in full sun after first frost, and you'll see the beautiful foliage, and it will bloom from June - 1st hard frost.

    After hard frost, cut foliage back and either bring in the tubers and store inside a storage tote in a closet until next spring. or if you plant tubers within a foot from the foundation of your house, the foundation will keep your tubers safe through the winter and they shouldn't die.

    Plant again after any danger of frost in the Spring.

    We hope you enjoy these beauties! We sure do.