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  • Hula Hoe/ Stirrup Hoe/ Scuffle Hoe, Long Handled Weeder

    $150.00 $145.00

    OUT OF STOCK - Typical lead time between 2-4 weeks.

    The long handled Stirrup Hoe otherwise known as Hula Hoe is a rare find, and we are so very happy to offer it!

    This is a complex forging. Due to this, each one has slight artistic differences, but functions in the same manner. It cuts on the push and on the pull strokes. Sliding just underneath the soil to cut and slice fine weedlings in loose, amended soil.

    The benefit to gardening in this manner as opposed to cultivating is it doesn't bring new weed seed up into the germination zone. You will have to go over your weeds a couple times to kill the root, but once it's killed - you're done. You're not creating new work for yourself while trying to kill the current weeds.

    Each of our long handled tools is fitted with a Grade A, 60" handle. Each ferrel is made from 1/8" thick steel, driven on the handle while hot and quenched for a snug fit. Then a rivet is driven through all pieces for a piece that is guaranteed not to twist or bend.

    The handle will last the life of the tool, just keep it out of the elements and apply linseed oil (or the like) a couple times a year.

    This tool weighs approximately 6 lbs.

    Thanks for looking!