Homestead Iron LLP Sharpest Tools in the Shed.
  • JULY SPECIAL! 2 Tool Set- Hawks Bill Hoe and Weeding Fork

    $60.00 $50.00

    Hawks Bill Hoe DEBUT!

    Celebrate Independence Day through the month of July with this spectacular sale on these two items!

    Hawks Bill Hoe - out performs the V-Hoe by far. The curve of the blade adds strength and character to the design.

    This tool will hack, whack, chop and scoop out the toughest of dirt, clay and rock imaginable!

    See the Hawks Bill Hoe in action HERE!

    Combine this spectacular tool with the classic Weeding Fork - made to lift and leverage up those tough, hard to get tap root weeds and you are in for a killer duo. Literally - the weeds will shrink back with fear when they see you coming with these tools.

    Get your hands on this set through July 30th!