Homestead Iron LLP Sharpest Tools in the Shed.
  • Tree Stand Fire Tool Set with Fire Poker, Soot Shovel, Tongs, Match and Kindling Buckets



    Do you have a fire place that needs to be adorned? A country charmer that needs a touch of nature inside? Then this is the fire tool set for you! The wood is harvested from our property which joins National Forest in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. We adore nature and try to mimic it every chance we get.

    This set is complete with a base that is similar to a tree and forged limbs with the tools having leaves in the twist which makes the handle. It includes a Fire Poker, Ash Shovel and Tongs. As a bonus we've included a match holder and a kindling bucket.

    Thanks for looking! This item is made to order, so if you have ideas on how to customize this set to your liking, please message us. Prices will vary.

    Homestead Iron, "WE DIG DIRT!"