Homestead Iron LLP Sharpest Tools in the Shed.
  • Opinel No12 Folding Saw Knife, Garden Saw


    A camper, gardener, or hunter's must have. This very light (3.6 oz / 102 grams) and rugged folding saw can cut small trees or branches up to 4 inches.

    This knife has a stainless steel blade (12c27 Sandvik Stainless steel to be precise). The blade will not rust, however try to avoid leaving your Opinel knife in damp environments for too long and dry the blade after each use. The handle is made of wood and may expand and contract with extreme humidity (or lack of) and will temporarily affect the mechanism.

     This knife features the Virobloc Safety ring. The Virobloc safety ring was invented and implemented in 1955. This simple yet effective locking system greatly improved the original knife.The ability to help prevent the blade from opening when closed was added to the Virobloc in 2000.

    Here's a Review: "Small & Powerful

    Great saw in the sizes of a knife. Fits well in a pack or pocket and is an essential part of an emergency kit or bug out bag. Very sharp and cuts smoothly. Blade is maybe a little on the thin side and it takes a little getting used to in order to know what speed to cut at depending on the density of the wood."