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  • Opinel No8 Garden Folding Knife


    The tapered handle of this knife combined with its light weight makes it a favorite among gardeners. Opinel No8 is the most versatile size in the ever growing line of Opinel folding knives. This knife is small enough to be used as a pocket knife and it's 3 1/4' blade prevent it to be considered a weapon in most states (check with your state).

      This knife has a stainless steel blade (12c27 Sandvik Stainless steel to be precise). The blade will not rust, however try to avoid leaving your Opinel knife in damp environments for too long and dry the blade after each use. The handle is made of wood and may expand and contract with extreme humidity (or lack of) and will temporarily affect the mechanism.

    This knife features the Virobloc Safety ring. The Virobloc safety ring was invented and implemented in 1955. This simple yet effective locking system greatly improved the original knife.The ability to help prevent the blade from opening when closed was added to the Virobloc in 2000.

    Here's a review on it:

    "One great knife -      

    The Garden knife fits perfectly in my hand. It was reasonably sharp when I received it, but a few passes on the sharpening stone put a nice edge that cuts cleanly.

    The knife is very light in hand and has great balance. It locks up good and tight. I like that it's a simple design and the locking mechanism is ingenious. I trade off between this and the standard No. 8 as my everyday carry."