Homestead Iron Sharpest Tools in the Shed

Things have changed a bit since my Great Grandfather sharpened his first plowshare. In his day his craft was more than just a paycheck, it was a creative outlet that came with a sense of pride in your work. Even when he didn't have two nickels to rub together, Great Grandpa William held his head high, for he was a true "Master Smith". Because of his dedication to quality, today much of his work still stands.

Some 100 years later, his lessons have not fallen on deaf ears. Short cuts are never short cuts and low quality is never a bargain. With his spirit in mind, we produce world-class tools and iron work he would be proud of. 

We blend old and new techniques to make our tools. Our tools are completely forged in the Ozark Mountains, exactly as they would have been hundreds of years ago. For blade tools, we use C1075 High Carbon Steel which is precision tig welded to a hand-forged shank. Every tool is carefully ground by hand to ensure a very sharp cutting edge. All tools go through a very special annealing process to relieve the internal stress caused by forging. They are then heat-treated for a hard cutting edge and a strong, durable shank.

After cleaning, we attach the American Birch hardwood handle procured from a local manufacturer. Finally, they are finished with an all-natural linseed oil application.

We also repair and restore all types of tools and can do custom orders too. Email us your idea and we’ll work up a custom quote: