Homestead Iron Sharpest Tools in the Shed

Not an ordinary fish hook... check this one out! hand forged hook

A little clip of me working on a humming bird: Hummingbird in the works

I enjoy branding handles. I like doing work I'm proud to put our name on. Branding Process

The Wonder engine is up and running! Engine Video

Here is an in process video making the rams head embellishment on a fire place poker. The Making of a Ram's Head

Making dragons is always fun for me. Here is a condensed view of what goes into making one. I have skipped over a few things to keep the run time down, but most of the major steps are here. Hope you all enjoy!! Birth of a Dragon

Twisting is one of blacksmithing's basic skills. The twisting itself is a very simple process. But how you prepare the stock before twisting is what creates the effect. The pineapple twist is an excellent example of this. Pineapple Twist Video

Heat treating and testing on our garden tools. This process gives us a blade with a Rockwell hardness of 50 and 240,000 PSI tensile strength. Heat Treat Video

Love that plasma cutter! Plasma Cutter Video

Drawing out 1" by 3/8ths bar stock for cultivators. Otherwise known as aggressive negotiations. Drawing Out Video

Twisting is a fundamental blacksmith skill, but often its the preparation to the work piece before the twist that creates the desired effect. Happy New Year everyone! Cube Twist Poker Video