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American Hoe, Hand Forged Long Handle Garden Tool

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This American Hoe is standard pattern after what you'd find in the big box store. What sets this tool apart, is the quality.

The blade is made from C1075 High Carbon cutlery steel. Ground to be VERY sharp. Heat treated to help keep the edge and lets the blade by springy enough to do an expert job.

The shank is hand forged from 3/8" round. Precision TIG welded to the blade. This sucker isn't going to bend or break.

The handle is 60" long Ash out of Tennessee. And finally, the original Ferrel on the handle is discarded and we forge a new one out of 1/8" steel and seated on the handle while still hot by quenching which shrinks the metal up onto the handle. This tool isn't going to twist or fall out.

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