Homestead Iron Sharpest Tools in the Shed
  • Batwing Hoe, Cotton Hoe, Long Handle Tool Hand Forged

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    The curve of the hand-forged batwing hoe allows you to strategically move the blade to get just the spot you need without having to displace a large amount of soil, like you do with the straight box edge of the standard American Hoe. It's an amazing multi-functioning tool made from C1075 High Carbon cutlery steel, and sharpened on all sides. This one is a slicer, hacker, dicer, furrower, hot pack planter, work around fine roots... all purpose tool. Lifetime guarantee and will not bend or break!

    The sustainably harvested Ash handle is 60" long, much longer than those you find in your local box store to help relieve back strain. 

    Built to last, this tool is incredibly durable and has the potential to endure for generations with just an application of linseed oil each year and proper storage away from the elements.