Homestead Iron Sharpest Tools in the Shed
  • Cape Cod Weeder, Left Handed


    This handsome piece is made just for your South Paws from a single forging! One piece. Nothing to break on this guy.

    It is heated, beat into shape, then ground to a fine tip. Very sharp. Sharpens easily with a mill file.

    Do you use mulch? Slide this bad boy under it and it cuts on the push and pull strokes to eliminate baby weeds.

    Get them young before they have any energy in the root, and since you're only working the top 1/8" of soil, you're leaving all the weed seed sub-level!

    Cape Cod Weeder specs: Weight- 10oz., Length- 12.5", Blade Width- 1", Blade Length- 4"

    Each tool comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you give them proper care and maintenance, should they bend or break, we'll repair or replace them.