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Note: no need to order this now with face butter. They are mandatory and included in the butter's cost.

If you have purchased a Facial Bliss face butter and there is a possibility that your package will be left in a hot mailbox or you think your package may be exposed to temps over 90F for an extended time, I recommend shipping with a frozen gel pack and insulated mailer.  

This still does NOT GUARANTEE that your butter will not liquefy during a heat wave.  If it does, it still has all the medicinal qualities.  Because there is no water, you don't have to worry about the butter losing emulsification.  However, when Shea butter is subjected to extreme heat it melts and can form very fine crystals that melt on contact with the skin. Though we WANT your butter to arrive perfectly whipped, fighting high temps during a heat wave is difficult.  

I also suggest shipping priority mail.  During extreme heat, butters will only be mailed Mon - Wednesday so that it doesn't sit in a post office over the weekend.  Though orders are packed in 1-2 days, I've listed this as 3-5 days because of this limitation.