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  • Herbal Face Cleaner, natural Rose

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    Skin care as practiced by the ancients, the secret to a glowing complexion.

    Discover the unique sensation  of exceptionally clean skin.  For thousands of years, people used oil, not soap to clean their face.  Facial cleansing oils work because "like attracts like" or "like dissolves like". Facial Cleanse dissolves oil or makeup without stripping, drying, irritating your skin or altering your own natural pH. 

    This is formulated using oils that will not clog pores.  

    Gently massage two dropperfuls of Facial Cleanse into the skin for a couple of self-indulgent minutes.  Wipe off with a clean cloth.  For a deep steam clean, after massaging Facial Cleanse into the skin, place a warm, damp wash cloth over the face until it cools, then use the cloth to wipe off the cleaning oil. 

    Finish with Facial Bliss face butter to soften and moisturize.  Or you can even add another layer and leave on as a facial oil serum.  With yarrow to help kill bacteria that causes cystic acne and soothing and cooling rose petals, this amazing smelling facial oil is sure to please.  

    This can also be used as a hair oil to tone down the frizz. 

    There is sometimes an adjustment period where the skin may break out for a week or two while Facial Cleanse breaks up embedded, hardened oils and the skin adjusts to the amount of oil it creates.  

    You may see a dramatic difference in the softness and health of your skin. 

    Ingredients: Sunflower seed oil, castor oil, rose petals, yarrow, < 1% essential oil.