Homestead Iron Sharpest Tools in the Shed
  • Hoe Dag


    The Hoe Dag is a versatile short-handled hand tool that was designed over 40 years ago based on two forest service tools. Having a double head on one short handle makes a powerful combo and is one of the best tools you can grab as you walk out to the garden. There is wide edge and a narrow edge which allows you to perform about any gardening task you could imagine.

    It's also great outside of the garden too and works like a charm chopping thistle, burdock, or other tough weeds out in your fields. 

    Use the Hoe Dag to cultivate and work in compost, make furrows for seed, dig small holes for starts, and dig tough patches of grass too. The 1075 high carbon steel blade is as strong as they come and sharp on both sides, so it penetrates the soil with ease. It has an American hardwood handle. 

    product dimensions: 
    Total length 14-3/4" 
    Head length 6-3/4"
    Wide blade 3-9/16"
    Narrow blade 1"
    Weight, about 1 pound. 

    Guaranteed for life not to bend or break or we'll replace it for free.