Homestead Iron Sharpest Tools in the Shed
  • Opinel #8 folding carbon steel knife


    Opinel's iconic size. The No.08 Carbon Steel is the knife that started it all. Dating all the way back to 1890 when Joseph Opinel created a simple yet robust tool for the everyman, the No.08 has been featured in countless museums, books and galleries around the world. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your pencils, or prune your roses, the No. 08 has been a favorite of explorers, artists, farmers, and chefs alike. The perfect size to keep in your pocket or your bag, you'll be glad to have this folding knife close at hand.

    Opinel knives are the ones we use on our homestead and though we don't make these, we are happy to retail them. 

    Blade length 3.28"
    Overall Length 7.59"
    Carbon Steel blade
    Weight 1.6 Oz
    Twist lock safety ring