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  • Poke Root Castor Salve

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    I harvest properly-sized roots at the correct time of year from pesticide and herbicide-free spaces. I then pack quart jars full of this powerful herb and macerate it in castor oil with a bit of sunflower seed oil so it won't clog pores. This also makes it not as greasy-feeling as an olive oil salve (which can clog pores). This is the original Poke Castor Salve!

    Using Castor as a base for this salve gives it a unique rich satin feel. I love it.  Poke root and castor oil have both been traditionally used for relieving breast pain and shrinking cysts.  This salve uses poke root infused in castor & sunflower seed oil to help painful, lumpy breasts and swollen lymph glands!

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    Did you know you can use Poke Castor salve for under-eye care?!

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    Poke Root Castor salve is by far the most popular item we make at Missouri Herbs. The powerful combination of fall-harvested Poke Root and Castor oil has helped many people, including me, with issues where shrinking, soothing, and softening are needed. 

    From fibroids, swollen lymph nodes, endometriosis, cysts & fatty tumors to cystic acne;* our creative customers have tried this smooth salve in ways I hadn’t imagined. I was surprised to find that some have been using it for under-eye care and have reported improvement in dark circles, fine lines, and a reduction in puffiness under the eyes. I have begun using it under my eyes and on some dark spots on my face as well and can report the same results. 

    Castor oil is known for its rich fatty acids, natural anti-inflammatory compounds, and antioxidants. This salve is especially powerful when paired with heat.

    You can warm the target area with a wet washcloth and/or place some salve in a small bowl that is sitting in a container of warm water before applying it to the skin for additional benefits. OR you can apply the salve, lay a flannel cloth over the area and apply a hot water bottle (not heating pad). 

    I’ve been advised by knowledgeable herbalists to only use poke root for 6 weeks at a time and increase water intake during this time. Take a break for a few weeks and start back if necessary.  I’m NOT a clinical herbalist but have used poke root for several years.

    Photos are 1 week apart.  

    Apply a generous amount to the breast or lump whenever needed. In between uses, use our Juniper Salve for your routine breast massage (check out the "Salves" section of the shop page).  All oils will stain clothes, so wear an old T-shirt on the treated area until the salve has been absorbed.  

    NOTE: Do not use on broken skin, or if you are breastfeeding! Poke root is a very powerful herb and can result in nausea or vomiting if applied to broken skin or ingested.

    To reduce breast pain, you may find relief by eliminating caffeine (even decaf coffee) and a diet high in saturated fats.  Increasing omega-3 fats in the form of evening primrose oil, oily fish, flax oil, avocado, nuts, and seeds can help. Be sure to have any suspicious lumps checked out by your doctor.

    For more information on breast health, check out our website:

    "Your Poke Root Salve is amazing! I have a skin condition called hidradenitis suppurative. It is a very painful and disfiguring condition. Doctors don't have a cure just pills, poisons, and surgeries I can't afford. My mom brought me some of your Poke root salve to try after it helped my dad with his HS.  I am so glad she did. It's the ONLY thing i treat my HS with now. When a sore starts popping up I apply the salve. I get immediate pain relief and In three days it's open and drains completely. It can take a couple weeks for a big one to completely heal but it heals instead of just draining and hurting all the time for months to years. I cannot go back to life without it. Nothing can ever happen to you because I really CAN NOT go back to the way things were. It was no good going through life without help or a cure. At least now I can treat it and win the battles. Thank you for your healing salve." With much love for your Butterfly Medicine, Tracy Smith

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult with your health care provider before adding any supplements to your routine.