Homestead Iron Sharpest Tools in the Shed
  • Strawberry Hoe, Hand Forged Double Headed Long Handled Tool

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    The strawberry hoe is our favorite go-to tool in the garden, and is renowned for its strength, versatility, and durability. This long-handled implement stands out as one of the sturdiest options available on the market. Ideal for navigating tight spaces like your prized perennial bed or reaching the heart of an overgrown vegetable patch, this lightweight hoe boasts an impressive 60" reach. 

    Crafted from new C1075 carbon steel, the double-ended tool head of this powerful and sharp implement is a standout feature. One end features a broad blade, perfect for effortlessly slicing through young, tender weeds, while the other end sports a thin blade that excels at tackling more established weeds with vigor.

    Built to last, this tool is incredibly durable and has the potential to endure for generations with just an application of linseed oil each year and proper storage away from the elements. As always, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our tools and the long handle tools have free shipping. 

    Video of Jamie using her favorite tool