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  • Tangerine botanical face cream, moisturizer, face butter

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    This is health food for your face ~ for all skin types with low risk of pore clogging. There is a very low risk of skin irritation so mild enough for those with serious skin conditions that if I list, Etsy will block the listing again. Concentrated, so only the smallest amount is needed. Most customers report it takes 1 year to use the 1 oz tub when used just on their face!  Because there is no water in this product, there are no preservatives or emulsifiers...just pure ingredients. 

    What's so great about tangerine?
    It's sun-safe and not phototoxic like the essential oil of orange.
    It's a vibrant pick-me-up.
    It helps spot treat acne breakouts.
    People with a youthful personality love the invigorating smell.

    Tangerine oil is NOT phototoxic, stimulates the generation of new cells, maintains the moisture balance of the skin, improves circulation all making it an ideal choice to treat acne.

    If you think your butter will be subjected to heat over 95F, please consider buying a freezer cube. They keep the product cold for 3 days. In some summers, postal carrier's vehicles are in excess of 120F! The cubes are only $5 and that also covers the additional funds to ship priority mail. 

    Why stop at your face? Many doctors, nurses, and gardeners use this butter on their hands too! 

    Please note, this platform is deactivating my listings one by one and I'm not sure how much longer till they deactivate my shop altogether. Please start ordering from   where there are many more items AND the prices are lower.

    Many people who sell butters leave huge gaps in the jar to show how rich their product is. That introduces an excessive amount of moist air, and why would you buy that? My products are gently tamped on the counter to make sure all excess air is removed and is filled to the very top. 


    Organic Rose Hips promote collagen production and are rich in vitamin C, carotenoids, other vitamins & minerals, and Omega 6.  Historically used to even out skin tone.

    Organic Queen Anne’s lace seed has a rejuvenating effect on the skin, softens, and assists with cell growth. 

    Sunflower Seed Oil is known for its high vitamin E content, which is crucial in the prevention of damage to sensitive skin cells by ultraviolet light, or UVA from the sun. 

    Because of the natural occurrence of healthy carotenoids (organic pigment) and waxes which help form a protective barrier on the skin, and it is low to non-comedogenic rating (pore-clogging rating), this oil is excellent when used to treat acne. 

    Hazelnut Oil is a light and dry oil that is particularly good for those that are prone to acne. 

    Organic Coriander (when available) contains antioxidants, complexion-friendly minerals, and skin-boosting vitamin C.  

    Shea Butter is a highly prized, non-comedogenic nut butter that absorbs quickly and doesn’t clog pores. It is sometimes used as a base for medicinal ointments. 

    Sunflower seed lecithin is a humectant which means it attracts water from the surrounding air, pulls it to the lower skin levels, and holds it so that an increased level of hydration is achieved.  It then prevents water loss.  Because it pulls moisture under the skin, it helps fill in fine lines and smooths deeper wrinkles.  It helps restore the barrier function of the skin.  I always apply the butter, then pat my skin with water to activate it. 

    Tangerine steam-distilled essential oil 

    "I absolutely love your tangerine butter! It keeps my face happy and healthy and the smell is amazing. I feel like a traitor admitting that I have to give serious LOVE to the Lavender butter. Over the past two years I have been under a lot of life stress and at a few times its overwhelmed me and caused my face to peel off. The first time my face had become transparent from skin loss and it was attacking my eyes making them swell shut and the itching was driving me crazy. I decided to use the lavender butter one morning and the itching stopped immediately. I spent three days battling with the lavender butter as my sword, cleaning and applying more every time the itching came back before the eye swelling stopped.  Within a week I had my face back! The itching and peeling was gone and evidence of healing had begun. After two weeks I went back to my beloved tangerine butter and life was good. When the next serious stress attack hit, I remembered the lavender butter and in three days I was better and kept my layers of skin. The butter and the scent all combine to heal and I am grateful for the love you put in your work." Barbie Rucker

    "I met Jamie at a Baker Creek festival back a few months ago. I absolutely HAD to try her Jasmine face cream. For the first time I had a lotion that fulfilled the needs of my patchy combination skin and didn't make me feel greasy or top heavy.... My most recent success comes with Jamie's face butter. It has a lovely lavender scent that sits nicely without overpowering my sensitive nostrils. I decided to just use it everywhere as all of my skin tends to be rather dry. After one use my scaly elbows are smooth, the dry spots on my face are gone, and my legs are almost good enough for a shaving cream commercial!   In case it isn't obvious I'm a forever customer for Jamie! :) -  Elyssa G. 

    "I really can't get over your Skin Butter. Beginning in my mid-20's, as soon as the air got cold and dry, it was all I could do to keep the area right above my eyebrows and especially right between them from getting dry and flaky. Anything I used only worked for a couple hours So when I kiddingly called your butter "spackle", that's why. BUT for the first time in 30 years, here we are in the middle of winter, and that skin is perfect. Even if I miss a day or two, no problem! That stuff is a miracle." ~ Tina Sams, editor/ publisher The Essential Herbal Magazine

    "The face cream is amazing. I have incredibly sensitive skin and mild rosacea and this cream calms and nourishes. And, the way it just melts as you warm it is luscious and feels like a super expensive product (I've tried them), but it's even better because it's locally produced, freshly made, no animal testing, nothing but good natural ingredients. Thank you Jamie!"  - Dana H. 

    For thousands of years, people used oils and not harsh cleansers to clean their face. Facial cleansing oils, like our Facial Cleanse, work because like attracts like - or - like dissolves like. So if you have oil or makeup on your skin, the oil cleanser will dissolve it without stripping, drying or irritating your skin.

    For a quick, simple cleanse, massage a small amount of our Facial Cleanse into the skin for a couple of minutes. Wipe off with a clean cloth. I usually use a different corner of the same cloth for four days. After about 5 months using the simple cleanse technique, the small, hard to get rid of bumps under my eyes, called milia, were gone. 

    For a deep steam clean, after massaging the oil into the skin (wet or dry), place a warm, damp wash cloth over face until it cools. This is to open up the pores and further remove impurities. The wash cloth is then used to wipe off the excess oil. 

    Sometimes there is an adjustment period where the skin gets a little worse for about a week or two while the oil cleanser breaks up embedded, hardened oils and the skin adjusts the amount of oil it creates. Resist the urge to use soap during this period. After that, give your skin 3 – 4 weeks and hopefully, like so many others, you too may see a dramatic difference. 

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