Homestead Iron Sharpest Tools in the Shed
  • V-Hoe Aggressive Long Handled Hand Forged Hoe

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    Our V-Hoe is one of the most aggressive weeders and planters on the market. Made with 1075 cutlery grade carbon steel, with sharp edges all the way around, and a penetrating V shape, no weed patch is too tough for this tool. It will lift sod, dig up established weeds, and plant your starts. You can drag the tool to create a furrow to plant your onion or bulb sets. Turn it on its side to knock the ridges back, or to scuffle over weeds.

    Handle is made from sustainably harvested American Hardwood Ash and at 60" long, it has an amazing reach. The ferrule is hand forged with an intentional sliver of a gap to allow water to sheet away from the wooden handle.  

    Our tools are made to last a lifetime and will not bend or break. Lifetime guarantee.